3 Thoughts For Those Going Into College

August 31, 2016

3 Thoughts For Those Going Into College

College students, there is no time like the time you find yourselves in. At no other point in life will you say, “Tomorrow morning I need to study biomedical engineering, then later that night there is food fight event that I have to be at, then after that we might go play laser tag.” Enjoy these moments. The grind of college is certainly found in the coursework, but it’s found even more so in your growth as an individual – in your maturity, work ethic, prioritizing of time, relationships, and in your relationship with Jesus. Having graduated less than six months ago, I haven’t had a ton of time to reflect on my career at Texas A&M, but I’ve had enough to dwell on a few things that I think are important. Here are three things for those of you who are going into college. (If you’re in college this can be for you too, but to a lesser degree. I only say that because you probably know these things and can agree or disagree with them.)

1. Trust Him, Even When It’s Difficult.

The vast majority of my collegiate career was about enduring and overcoming storms. They seemed to come right after the other and very rarely did it have anything to do with the classroom. You will doubt you made the right college decision, transfer, have relationship issues, time management issues, money issues, and a multitude of other problems. At this point in my life I have the luxury of looking back at those storms, seeing where God had me, how He was with me, and how He was shaping me. When the waves come crashing in, bring your cares to the one who rebukes the winds and calms the seas.

2. Timing Is Everything.

If your relationship with Jesus feels like it’s starting to lack in connection, you will undoubtedly blame time. There is always time. The problem is that we have to cut time out in areas we’d rather not. When I was a junior in college I had 8 a.m. classes every day and typically worked until 10 p.m. My relationship with the Lord felt dry, but it was because I didn’t want to wake up any earlier and I didn’t want to come home and do anything except sleep. That first semester of my junior year is where I became a morning person because I forced myself to wake up earlier. Don’t over-schedule yourself, you literally have the rest of your life to work and have the majority of your day on an hourly schedule. You will find yourself in busy semesters, but if being busy means not spending time with the Lord, you’re too busy. Keep your head up! Growing pains hurt, but remember: Jesus is taking you places that you’ve never been.

3. Love The Season You’re In.

The more I look back on college, the more I remember the complaining. Myself included, people were always complaining about schoolwork, being tired, feeling overwhelmed, stressed, etc. Through it all, don’t miss the blessings. These next four years are supposed to be trying and testing you, both in the classroom and in life. The Gospel doesn’t absolve us from difficulties, it promises that Jesus will be with us in them. One of our first experiences with this truth is in college.  Love this season of life, embrace the challenges and the atmosphere. You’ll never experience anything like college again. Enjoy, embrace, and be encouraged!

Thank you Luke Lezon for the guest post! You can follow him at @lukelezon on Twitter and Instagram.


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