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Are You Letting Sin Nourish Your Life?

Are You Letting Sin Nourish Your Life?

February 15, 2018 3 Comments

This world offers numerous avenues of joy, satisfaction, and praise; all subjects we seek and desire, but tempt us on the lines of our faith.
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Fighting the Giant of Anxiety

I Am No Victim: Fighting the Giant of Anxiety

February 05, 2018

I couldn’t breathe. My chest felt tight. I could feel the anxiety crawling up my throat, leaving room for small, inconsistent breaths.
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Loving Yourself Post Breakup

Loving Yourself: Post-Breakup

January 30, 2018

I left for three months to New York for a summer job. When I got back home, I knew my three year relationship was over.
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How to Start Bible Journaling

How to Start Bible Journaling

January 28, 2018

Learn how to Journal in your Bible in a few easy steps. Follow this guide and you will be on your way to creating a vibrant and creative journal in your Bible in no time.
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a time to heal

A Time to Heal

January 26, 2018

Are you feeling weighed down emotionally, mentally, or spiritually? Have you been struggling with feelings of depression, loneliness, grief, insecurity, or anxiety?
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right action, wrong reason

Right Action, Wrong Reason

January 22, 2018

What are you doing today that you are doing for the wrong reason?
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When we are waiting on the Lord

When We Are Waiting on the Lord

January 21, 2018

Have you mastered living contently in the in-between moments of life? Or are you waiting for every piece of your life to come together first before you start living?
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The power of Forgiveness

The Power of Forgiveness

January 16, 2018

Was there someone who wronged you or treated you unfairly in the past, and you have not had the opportunity to hash things out or make things right? 
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God is the ultimate match maker

God is the Ultimate Match Maker

January 08, 2018

If dating is so wonderful, why does it hurt so much? 
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Size Chart
Make sure to measure your wrist with a ruler if you are unsure! Most men will fit a medium-large, and most women will fit a small-medium.
String and wrap bracelets are one size fits all.

 Bracelet Size Wrist Size
Small 6.5 inches
Medium 7 inches
Large 7.5 inches

Unisex shirts and hoodies fit true to size.
Unisex Size Chest Size Length
XS 32 27
S 36 28
M 40 29
L 44 30
XL 48 31

Women's shirts run a half to full size smaller than average.
 Women's Shirt Size Chest Length Fits Sizes
S 32" 26.25" 0-2
M 33.5" 26.75" 2-4
L 35.5" 27.38" 4-6
XL 37.5" 28" 6-8