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July 18, 2018

We asked a group of individuals how Elevated Faith has impacted their lives and these are the responses we got back. We love hearing how Elevated Faith influences lives through our apparel, jewelry and more. Our goal is to lead others to Christ by creating conversation starters.

Estelle de Vos

"In October 2016 my grandfather was diagnosed with prostate cancer. On May 13th 2017, he was taken home into eternal glory. I miss him so much, but am also encouraged by the many people whose lives he has touched. Since he left, my family has heard many stories from people who were blessed in some ways by his life. Life most certainly hasn’t been easy since his passing, but God has helped my whole family to push through. What has helped me especially is a reminder that I constantly wear on my wrist “It is well with my soul”, every time I look down I am reminded of the lyrics of the old hymn. “When leave like a river, attendeth my way, when sorrows like sea billows roll; whatever my lot, thou hast taught me to say, it is well, it is well with my soul.” My grandfather loved this hymn, and I will forever wear this bracelet as a constant reminder of him, and Christ’s unfailing love."

Mallorie Masters: @mallorie_masters

"Elevated Faith has not only given me even more boldness to share God’s word, but has given me much more confidence in MYSELF than ever!! I’ve always dreamed of repping a faith based brand like this and it’s given me so much joy to know that God heard that and was working out this opportunity when I thought he was being silent! Sending thankfulness and praises to you, Sweet Jesus, for blessing me with my best life!" 

Alexandra Dileo: @adileo9

"I teach 8th grade English at a junior high school in Louisiana. I enjoy wearing my Elevated Faith t-shirt and arm bands often. It serves as a great conversation piece and way to share my faith with my students. I encourage them to stand strong in their faith and remember that “God IS greater than the highs and lows." 

Elizabeth Jewett: @ellie__bellie

"Elevated faith has changed my life! The bracelets I wear everyday (5 of them!) and the rings I have encourage me daily. The message behind them encourage me to chase after Jesus and find joy even on the hardest days. I’ve been able to give them to others and they have said the same! I love this company and the meaning behind them!" 

Marissa Phipps: @Marissa_Phipps19

"Elevated faith has had an impact on my life because I can wear shirts that have a quote that relates to a bible verse and is always a great reminder of the truth! People always ask me what my shirt means and I always tell them the verse that it relates to and end up telling them about Jesus!"

Rachel Ellington: @rayrae829

"I have found I’m more open with my faith & what Christ means to me. I use the products as a way to grow myself & share with others :)" 

Lauren Terrell: @_lct_22

"With the bracelet i got, i've had several people come up to me and ask about it. it started the conversation and allowed me to share the gospel in situations where, without Elevated Faith, I couldn’t have." 


If you have a story to share, don't hesitate to reach out to us! We love hearing from others about how we have helped, or how we can help, you grow in your walk with the Lord!

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