Customer Service Representative

Elevated Faith thrives on delivering world-class customer experiences every day. We understand the importance of being relatable, and go above and beyond to ensure every customer is assisted with friendliness, respect, and efficiency. We're looking for talented, hardworking, exceptional individuals who can grow with the company and contribute to our unique team culture.

A basic understanding of the fashion/jewelry landscape is a plus. You may not be a fashion expert, but you have a general sense for the domain, and can get up to speed very quickly.


You Will:

  • 2+ years of customer service experience preferred
  • Handle a high volume of emails providing high quality customer service
  • Work closely with the Customer Service Manager to continuously improve and debug to improve the customer experience
  • Climb mountains and leap tall buildings in a single bound to ensure that every Elevated Faith customer receives the world-class service they deserve

You Have:

  • 2+ years of customer service experience preferred
  • Experience using a customer service platform and payment processors
  • Clear and concise verbal and written communication skills
  • On-the-spot problem solving capabilities and are adaptable in a flexible work environment
  • The ability to work well with a team

        Job Type: Full-time

        Pay: Starting at $13/hour

        Please email with your resume to apply.