3 Ways To 'Love Your Neighbor' Amidst The Pandemic

In the gospel of Matthew, God gives us two of His greatest commandments. The first is to love Him with everything we have and the second is to love our neighbors as ourselves (Matthew 22:36-40). Unfortunately, with our current state of quarantine it can be really difficult to keep in touch with all of our friends and family, let alone find ways to express our love to them. Here at Elevated Faith, we’ve compiled a quick list of 3 great ways to show your love to those around you even when you might not be able to interact with them face to face.


1. Send them a handwritten letter.

In this digital age, nearly everything is electronic. E-mails, phone calls, text messages, etc. The positive aspect of everything being digitized is that we can easily communicate with anyone from virtually anywhere. The tradeoff of this fast-paced technological society is that all forms of communication seem a little more impersonal. 

A good way to avoid this detachment when reaching out to our loved ones is through handwritten notes. Even just a simple “hello, how are you?” can feel so much more personalized on paper than in text. Another great idea for a letter would be to include a handwritten prayer inside your message which is a great way to solidify Christ’s bond between you and your loved ones. You could even include one of our “WWJD” (What Would Jesus Do) bracelets inside each of your envelopes for a special touch *insert wink emoji*.


2. Buy some extra groceries.

This next one is a little less romantic and a little more realistic. In the midst of the pandemic, grocery shopping, whether online or in person, is a huge pain in the neck. Not to mention, if your neighbors are elderly, going to the nearest supermarket is an added danger to their health. A good way to serve and love your neighbors is to buy some extra groceries and leave them on their doorstep with a little note of appreciation. Believe me, they will appreciate it!


3. Wear a mask and social distance!

This one is a little self explanatory. Given the nature of coronavirus, wearing a mask when in crowded public spaces such as a grocery store is an easy way to care for those around you.! Studies show that if someone who has contracted the virus wears a mask, the chance of transmission decreases significantly. Since the virus can show up as asymptomatic, it is always a good decision to wear a mask even if you don’t think that you have the virus. When you wear a mask and social distance when possible, you are not only caring for yourself and your own health, but you are caring for the thousands of essential and frontline workers. They are risking their lives so you don’t have to risk yours.

We hope that these tips can help you reflect God’s love to your loved ones and even strangers. Be safe, be kind, and love your neighbor like Jesus would.

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