Christian gifts


“Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” -Matthew 5:16

We love to hear about the conversations that our apparel and jewelry spark between friends and strangers. Share a conversation of faith you've had with someone OR the personal impact that EF has had on your journey with God.

Apex, NC

"I grew up in the Church but didn’t really live my life for Jesus. I was surrounded by worldly influences at my school and through football. I let those influence me instead of me influence them. Through covid I was able to reflect on myself and that is where my relationship with the Lord grew tremendously. I now let myself influence those around me and choose who I let influence me."

Westfield, IN

"I posted a photo on my Instagram wearing my Transformed hoodie, and this girl DMed me and asked me what the words on the back meant. I proceeded to tell her that it meant that Christians are called to stand out and be different. We are called to be like Jesus. We aren't meant to blend in. Jesus didn't blend in. Jesus was hated by the world. This really resonated with that girl, and it made me so happy. She then proceeded to ask me even more questions about Christ and His love for us. This is one of my favorite conversations that wearing this sweatshirt sparked, but there are so many more that I have had!"

Edmonton Alberta, Canada

"I was talking to my non-Christian friend about my promise ring. She noticed it, and she thought it was super cute. And I got to share my whole entire testimony with her because of this ring. It gave me an opportunity to talk about all the stuff that I used to do in the past and why I don't do it now - and my promise to God! How I was searching for love, yet I was avoiding the Creator of it."

Orlando, FL

"I was in the pool deck getting ready for another swim practice (I'm a Swimmer), when one of my friends came over and asked what "Living in Wonder" written on the back of my shirt meant, I quick responded back to him something like "When you have a life with Jesus, and you love others, treat others right, and have a faithful life.... then my friend.... then you'll be Living in Wonder!". It was something as simple as that, and it made him curious about this "Life" I was talking about! God has been doing great things through EF apparel, and I'm more than grateful to have these types of conversations initiated by something as simple as a T-Shirt!"

Fort Mill, SC

"I am able to spark conversations with other women when I wear my Woman of God sweatshirt! Every single Wednesday, I talk about women of the Word which is where I highlight different women from the Bible that made an influential impact on their communities or in peoples' lives and how I think we can take from them and be influential to other people in our lives in a positive way as well. I love that Elevated Faith has allowed me to express my values and morals with others through my clothing."

Tuscaloosa, AL

"My "Jesus is King" hoodie is such a simple way to publicly proclaim the name of Jesus to nonbelievers, and can also be a reminder to help someone get to know Jesus. By sharing the gospel through something so simple, it has sparked many conversations on my ministry and it shows people that I am a follower of the One who died on the cross for me. Each time someone asks me where I got my hoodie from, it fills my heart with joy and happiness. Thanks to elevated faith, I've been able to connect with others about my faith and help others get to know Jesus through my ministry. The message is true, Jesus is King and He will reign on the throne forever!"

Largo, FL

"So I was at a coffee shop, and when I was purchasing my coffee the person checking me out asked me about my bracelet. I love wearing this, because it's a good conversation starter! So when the person asked me, I was very open, and I said it stands for: What Would Jesus Do. I was able to share with them the Love of Christ, and I was able to get across what God has done for them. I would love to have more of these to just hand out to friends and family!"

Carlsbad, CA

"I can't live without my Trust ring. Ever since I put it on, the daily gentle reminder to let go of my worries and trust in God has been exactly what I need! As a soon to be college grad entering the corporate world, I have so many big life decisions ahead of me and the Trust ring has been able to pull me through it. God had a plan for me, I trust that he will pull me through all of this and bless me with what He has in store! Thank you for making such a quality product that is so comfortable and smooth. This is the first time I've ever worn an everyday ring and I never want to take it off!"