Christian gifts


“Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” -Matthew 5:16

We love to hear about the conversations that our apparel and jewelry spark between friends and strangers. Share a conversation of faith you've had with someone OR the personal impact that EF has had on your journey with God.

Boston, MA

"I get compliments on my Elevated Faith rings a lot by others at my college, and they will ask me what my ring says. I tell them it says "worthy," and I use that ring as a reminder to myself that God has deemed me worthy of love and life, and that I myself choose to be worthy as well! I have struggled with mental health and eating disorders, and God's grace has lead me through the dark and will continue to!"

Owatonna, MN

"I live in a small town in Minnesota and I travel a lot and one reason I absolutely love Elevated Faith is because the clothing is so adorable and catches people’s eye, which sparks conversations. I was at an ice cream shop in the Bahamas and the girl behind the counter noticed I was wearing a hoodie the said “Our World Needs Jesus” and she commented on it which lead to a conversation about Jesus! It makes sharing the word of God so much fun and it shines a bright light in a dark world!"

Hawley, MN

"One day when I was doing my usual heartless social media scrolling like I always did for hour on hours on end, gaining nothing but pain and insecurities from all the lies and deception that comes from social media platforms. But at one point I noticed this one post from this woman that just kept coming up. So I finally decided to take a look at the post and I discovered that the hoodie she was wearing a friend in Jesus! And that one line, "What a friend we have in Jesus" it hit me like a train. I had been living in a kind of lonely life, I had few friends that weren't the right kind or people and I was constantly trying to find satisfaction in something but could never find any. After I saw that post I started to follow the EF page and I began to feel like I was missing something, like I had a huge hole Inside me. I went to my cousins house and told her all about this new event happening in my life and she told me right then and there that I needed Christ in my life. She told me about how Jesus died so that I could live in Gods love forever. Over supper, right then and there I became a follower of God. And now here I am more that 3 years later and I'm helping in my church's Awana and I feel fulfilled and happy with my life in Christ."

Puyallup, WA

"Became a believer in 2020 but still find myself having a hard time talking to others about Jesus even though it’s what helped me become a believer so I ordered two jackets to help spread the message to others and hopefully spark a conversation about how Jesus called on me to become a Christian and how it has given me hope and a love I needed in my families life."

Grand Blanc, MI

"I wear my wwjd bracelet every day, and at school one day a girl told me that she really liked my bracelet and asked me about how God has worked in my life. We've been great friends ever since then, and I'm so happy to have been connected with her!"

Katy, TX

"Elevated Faith has helped me grow my relationship with God and to spread his word to others as well. I got a text from one of my friends today saying 'u helped me realize to open up more about my religion and to spread his word'. And that's when I really looked back. Realizing that almost a year or two ago I barley went to church was dreading going to my faith formation classes every Sunday and reflecting and seeing that I am now helping other people grow there relationship with God is so amazing and I definitely couldn’t have done it without Elevated Faith because they have opened my eyes into a totally different perspective of who God is."

Sugar Hill, GA

"I've always loved bracelets and especially like wearing jewelry with a message or story behind it. I purchased the promise collection previously because it reminded me of the first gift I received from my husband back when we were first dating. I wear that bracelet just about every day to remind myself of that time, but also the promise I made to him when I said my wedding vows. They were in reflection of what Jesus has done for me, promising to never leave me or forsake me. It's a constant reminder of the love God has shown me that I can now share with my husband. What a great and loving God we serve. I love your company and the story being told. It has inspired me to be even more open about my faith because we don't know who is watching. We are to be the hands and feet of our heavenly Father even more now in our crazy world. As a teacher, I've had the amazing opportunity for 10 years now to pour into the lives of my students. It has given me the greatest purpose in this life and my prayer is one day they will see Jesus through me."

Vancouver, WA

"My parents got me this promise ring from elevated faith, I got so excited because this is my first ring to own, but eventually I kinda fell apart from God, so later on I got back with the Lord, so I decided to use my promise ring as a reminder as a purity and reminder of the Lord’s promise, I didn’t ever want to take it off because when I remember of that reminder, it was like as if the Lord spoke through into my heart 🤍"