Christian gifts


“Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” -Matthew 5:16

We love to hear about the conversations that our apparel and jewelry spark between friends and strangers. Share a conversation of faith you've had with someone OR the personal impact that EF has had on your journey with God.

Torrington, CT

"I lost my father to lung cancer in 2017, I had a mental breakdown in 2018. My best friend at the time brought me to her church and introduced me to God. I never knew how much my relationship with Jesus mattered until then. It changed my life in so many amazing ways. I was strolling through instagram and saw elevated faith, they have the “God is greater than Highs and Lows. It speaks so loudly to me. I thought in 2018 that my life was over since I lost my father. But God gives us so much strength and power. It’s the most satisfying relationships and feelings ever."

Clearwater, FL

"I was wearing my Woman of God Orchid Tee while at the beach and I was approached by a young girl my age and she became very emotional with me. She said she wished she could proclaim her faith because she feared judgement and I reminded her of Proverbs 21:2 which reminds us that the Lord's judgement is the only judgement that we should adhere to. The girl and I traded phone numbers and a few days later she spoke to her close friends about her faith proudly. I love these interactions and this just proves that God is omnipresent and can present us with these interactions at any given time."

Attleboro, MA

"I was widowed in 2019, left with my four year old child and knowing his father was never coming home from work that day…I met Jesus on my living room floor. It was painstakingly clear I needed higher help. I cried out His name with nothing left. Ever since that moment I have been helped. My life has transformed from tragedy to a story of hope all because of Jesus. In 2022 I re-married and took my life back from what the enemy tried to steal. I wear this denim jacket as a beacon of hope. I have received many praises on this jacket but the core of the message “what a friend we have in Jesus” is a statement that holds indescribable meaning. From the depths of a guttural cry, He listens. This jacket is a witness of restoration in Christ. When there is no other name to cry, choose His name and watch Him rescue you— wherever you are. Forget superhero’s and magic, Jesus is alive, and meeting him has changed my entire story line. Thank you Elevated Faith for helping me witness His love, everywhere I go."

Fairfax, VA

"I became a believer in 2011, and I am 100% not ashamed of the gospel, LOVE God, and love being able to talk about Him with others. What you all are doing at Elevated Faith is certainly paving the way for incredible conversations to happen. All it takes is someone's curiosity over my WWJD bracelet, or something else I'm wearing that points to Christ. I'm honestly really proud to wear my WWJD bracelet, and excited about the possible opportunities it could give me any day to talk about Jesus. It's simple, not in your face, and such a good reminder for me too to think about Jesus, what He would do, and how to keep Him constantly on my mind. Your products are really powerful, and I'm honestly really excited to share them with others! I'm in your affiliate program as well, and cannot WAIT to bring other people into the beauty of this mission and what you all are doing! Thank you!"

Georgia, USA

"This Lapis Lazuli ring reminds me that even in the dark (blue) times, God is with me, and he will support me through everything."

San Mateo, CA

"Following Elevated faith, watching it grow is incredible, as it is touching different people with different journeys. My first purchase was a pack of the WWJD bracelets, and I started wearing one of the bracelets daily. But also having a pack of them allowed me to give them out to my christian friends, even some that I didn't talk to in a little while. It re-sparked connections, and strengthened them, serving as a reminder to us that we're connected together through christ, encouraging each other to check in and lift one another up in our walks. We are to follow his steps, and these bracelets remind that we will walk glorifying Him."

Wooster, OH

"I order the Made in the Image of God hoodie after hearing about ef from a friend, i loved there website and there like goal thing to reach as many people with the gospel and for their products to be conversation starters but i really wasn't sure,then i was shopping the one day wearing my hoodie and this girl asked where i got my hoodie and what it meant and i got to share the love of jesus christ with her. Thank you ef for helping me have this chance to share jesus."

Clarksville, TN

"I was in school and my friend asked me where I got my WWJD bracelet at. I told him that I got it off of a website called elevated faith. He said he really likes it and wants one. I asked him what it stands for just to see if he knew. He did not know so I told him and he said that makes him want one even more. His birthday is coming up and I just bought one for him and I'm really excited to give it to him. Thank you elevated faith for allowing me to spread my faith and help others learn about Jesus."