Christian gifts


Founders Josh Gander & Mia Gander


It was during that valley in 2015 that God put it on my heart to start another business. When He asked me to point others to Him through it, it finally all clicked. I had somewhat struggled in sharing my faith, and I had the idea of creating jewelry and apparel that would open doors to easily share my faith with others. I knew that it wasn’t just me that struggled with this, so I had no doubt that this could help many people.

A simple "HEY I LIKE YOUR BRACELET" could turn into a life-changing experience for that person.


The name Elevated Faith represents how we, as Christians, are never done growing. We will never be perfect; every single day we must work hard to grow in our relationship with our Creator. The bracelets (and now, apparel, rings & more) serve as a daily reminder to constantly strive to elevate our faith—to take our relationship with God to the next level and to share our faith with others.

Now, a few years later, Elevated Faith has seen immense growth, and I’m in awe of everything God is doing through this company year after year. Everyone who has been positively impacted through Elevated Faith is a direct result of God being faithful and showing His power through something as simple as jewelry & apparel.

This is not about me at all. All the glory goes to God.

We have built an amazing community together, and I’m so grateful for your support. I couldn’t be more excited to watch this seed continue to grow alongside every one of you. We wouldn’t be here without all of YOU!

Josh Gander
Founder of Elevated Faith


We can’t wait to hear yours.