I have always loved photography. Something about being able to capture moments inspires me. I recently saved up and bought a Canon M50 camera. I upgraded the lens and am still in the process of trying to learn how to use it. The logistics of both the camera and using it artistically to capture a moment the way I want to is a lot more difficult than I thought. 

In trying to learn, something stuck out to me; focus. A critical component of photography.

I read somewhere that if you don't focus properly, you will end up with blurry photos even when all of the other camera settings are correct. The Holy Spirit showed me how similar this is to our faith. 

You can set it to autofocus, which means the camera does its best to guess and does it for you, basically on autopilot. But if you want to really focus purposely, precisely and intentionally on the subject that has your attention, you need to focus manually.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this. What are we focused on? Is He really the King of our hearts like we declare in the songs we sing? Are we actually trying to find the face, heart and character of Jesus in every moment of our lives that we are in? Are we choosing to manually focus on Him so that we don’t miss Him, or are we just on autopilot and hoping that someone else will do it for us?

Whatever your answer is, He’s not mad at you. He’s madly in love with you. 

He desires your affection and attention. And He’s extending an invitation to you: a beautiful journey of seeking His heart and manually focusing on Him in every moment. Say yes?

Hebrews 12:2 & Isaiah 26:3 

-Carly Lynn

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