Friendship & Distance Bracelets

True friendship is hard to come by. Friends are like a treasure: rare and elusive; and if found, a friend becomes of great value. As such, to lose a friend becomes very painful.

To always remember a treasured friend, our idea is to have an bracelet that will remind you of the valuable relationship shared.

Introducing: Distance bracelets - a beautiful and sacred way to strengthen the bonds of your friendship. These are visible representations of the invisible cord between you and your beloved friend.

Here are five reasons why these couple bracelets can help nourish yourself and your friend in Christ:

1. These bracelets will remind you of how Jesus reached down in love and gave a tangible remembrance of Him.

Our Master exemplified the ultimate friendship. If our Lord and Master Jesus Christ ordained a tangible representation of his friendship to us through the breaking of bread and wine, we can also do likewise. The Lord’s Supper is a blessed commemoration of his flesh and blood that he poured out to redeem His friends. He is the man with the biggest heart of friendship to the point that He left His glorious throne, embraced suffering, and sacrificed himself to death for He wants to glorify His Father and make our friendship eternal.

This principle is also very familiar in marriage. In a matrimonial ceremony, couples exchange vows in front of witnesses. Then, on top of all the symbolism is the wearing of the covenant ring. The ring is a visible and tangible symbol of the invisible and intangible cord of marital love between the couple.

Just like Jesus Christ’s Lord’s Supper and marriage’s covenantal ring, you and your beloved friend can also share visible and tangible reminders of your friendship. Why not consider these distance bracelets

To keep us from forgetting. Jesus understands that we as humans have the tendency to forget. The Bible always remind us Christians to “Remember that we were once hopeless,” (Ephesians 2:11,12); “Remember that God rescued us from our enemies, did great miracle by dividing the Red Sea and miraculously provided our needs in the midst of the wilderness.” (Exodus 14-16); “Remember therefore from where you have fallen; repent, and do the works you did at first.” (Revelation 2:5)

The Bible keeps on reminding us that to make us come back to God and keep us from losing our first love (Jesus Christ), we must always remember where we have fallen and where He has picked us up. The first step in igniting back our passion and love to Him is to remember how miserable our life was without Him, to remember how he plucked us out of darkness into His marvelous light, to remember what joy we had and the celebration our Father we gave when we returned to Him from our waywardness.

Remember, remember, remember. God is so fond that we remember, not remember the things that strain us and keep us from going, but remember the things and the memories that reignite our love and passion for Him. Same is true with our friendship, these couple bracelets are a great tool to keep us from that relationship and from the promises we shared with our friend.

2. The cross in these bracelets will remind you that following Christ and pursuing friendship and love is not easy but ultimately leads to great joy.

Many good things don’t come easy. Good relationships, good friendships, good kids, good skills, and financial freedom among other things. Such as with our friendship with Christ: although salvation and reconciliation is free and available for those who will put their faith in Jesus, it did not come without a cost. God the Father paid a very expensive price- giving away His begotten Son. Christ paid a very expensive price- drinking the cup of God’s wrath, embracing suffering and giving up His life. Many good things, indeed, do not come easy; but the best things in this universe came easy for us, because Someone did the most difficult thing.

The worst yet the best. The cross was the worst thing that ever happened in human history because it was the murder of the sinless Man, the Creator and the King of Kings - Jesus Christ. On the other hand, the Sovereignty of God was not thwarted because God was able to allow the evils of the cross yield the greatest and the best thing for human history. Among countless reasons, two of the greatest results of the cross was our eternal reconciliation with God and the resurrection of Jesus Christ that justified Him as the One and True Lord.

These distance bracelets, having the cross, reminds you that when worse comes to worst, when storms escalate to categories beyond what’s bearable, since Christ is in that storm and in that situation, you can smile because you have hope. Repent and remember that God can still bring out good.

It’s a source of joy and pain. Just like the cross, friendship is a source of one our greatest joys, but also profound pains. It can bring out the best of us, but can also break the hearts of many. Yet, with Christ in between your bonds, you are assured that your friendship will last forever.

3. Beautiful and light colors remind us of Jesus’ offer of friendship.

The beauty of Christ. As the colors of these friendship bracelets reflect the radiance of light, so this accessory reminds us of the glory of Christ. He is beauty because he is truth. As beauty thrives in light, so as Christ and friendship is appreciated in the light. The sum of beauty can be summarized in the words “truth” and “perfection.” A person that radiates with truth and perfection is a person that radiates beauty.

His burden is light. The lightness of the colors in this friendship bracelet remind of Christ’s words, “Come unto Me and I will give you rest. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Yes, following Christ is not easy- it will entail bearing a burden, bearing a yoke - but one thing Christ has promised - His burden is light. He emphasizes this because if we are outside of Christ, there is still a burden, but it’s a burden that we cannot bear. It’s so hard and difficult and even impossible. However with Christ, we have a light burden because we have Him to carry it with us. He walks with us. He is with us. Same with friendship: to have a friend is to bear his or her burdens but those burdens are being made light and easy by the love we have in Christ. With Christ in a friendship, the burdens are being made lighter and bearable because His strength becomes our strength.

The lightness of Christ’s burden is also being reminded to us by these bracelets’ weight. It has a weight, but it is light. Bearing it radiates beauty but we have to carry it. As with friendship, there is a weight to bear but the joy and glory of God radiating through it supersedes the burden. This is a transcending truth in our friendship with Christ as captured by Paul’s words in Romans 8:18: “For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.”

A beautiful treasure. Jesus said, “for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Whatever your heart embraces, that’s what you treasure, that’s what you value. This bracelet is a treasure, not because of the material value it has, but because it has the intrinsic value of Jesus Christ to the friends that wear it.

A friend is a piece of our soul, an extension of who we are. Whenever your friend or significant other is afar, part of you is somehow missing, but this bracelet is here to remind of you of that eternal bond you have in Christ and the intrinsic value no matter the distance.

If you treasure someone, you always make something that will remind you in the heart. Make that reminder tangible through these distance bracelets.

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