God Loves You

Hey friend. There’s something you need to know today.
God loves you. Period.  

No strings attached. Not “if” or “when” or “but.” 
He loves YOU. Regardless of your circumstances.
Despite your past. Consistently and unconditionally. 

God loves you.

I know; it’s hard to understand or even comprehend. 
People fail us. They hurt us, neglect us, reject us, abandon and abuse us.
They change their minds and their feelings. But this love? The only thing it changes is you.
And then after it changes you, it changes the way you love others.

Don’t let anything keep you from it today. 
Run to Him, not from Him. 💙

- Carly Lynn // @car1ylynn

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  • Lisa Butts

    I Love how you not only sell awesome stuff but you tell people about God’s AWESOME LOVE FOR US

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