The world glorifies “busy,” idolizes being seen, and praises never missing a beat. 

So what happens when the Lord leads us into a season of being “under construction”? The kind that doesn’t, at the time, feel like being lovingly protected at all, but feels a lot more like being disciplined, isolated and buried? 

I have fought this place myself. I tried to pray it away; I tried to get myself out in my own strength; I tried to avoid the uncomfortable process of refinement, until I saw Who was with me in the fire. Surrendering in this place gives you a new lens and perspective to see this season for what it really is, a beautiful gift of grace.

God has a way of leading us into seasons of hiding, pruning and refining. These are the times where our character and relationship with Him are built; it’s where the foundation of our faith is laid. It’s where we discover His nearness in a new way, where chains are broken off of us and everything about Him becomes personal.

God is most concerned with who you are and the condition of your heart. His mercy protects us from fulfilling promises prematurely, because ultimately they will crush us if we aren’t prepared for them. As you wait for whatever you’re waiting for, allow God to work on your heart and character. The fruit you bear will allow you to sustain the calling He has for you when it’s time.

So, if you feel like you’ve been buried, there’s something you should know. 

Remember what happens before seeds bloom and grow?

Friend, take heart. God has a beautiful plan for you, and this is only the very start.

-Carly Lynn

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