Jesus Changes Everything

Do you know that because of Jesus, at any moment, of any day, you can meet with God? 
Without appointment or reservation, there’s a holy invitation.
And you can bring all your fear, doubt, shame and hesitation. 

With the right heart posture you can meet with the One, true living God. 
Why settle for false gods, half truths, or bondages that keep you in spiritual chains? 

Why seek things that never truly satisfy you, or trust the “universe” when you can meet and live in constant communion with the Creator of it? 

He’s real and He loves you. He still speaks and He wants to speak to you.
Want to know what changed my life forever? Jesus.
One moment, one encounter, that’s all it took for me. And it can be the same for you. 
Jesus changes everything.

Everyday there is a new invitation to know Him better and I never want to live a day without meeting with Him, choosing Him or walking with Him. 

*Romans 10:9-10
*Philippians 1:6
*Isaiah 40:28

- Carly Lynn // @car1ylynn

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