Living Loved

When was the last time you saw yourself the way God sees you? Had His thoughts about you? Experienced freedom through His unchanging truth?

Have you ever?

This week I want to do something a little different; 

I want to challenge you to dig deeper into your identity. 

Take a few minutes to reflect on what you believe to be true about who you are. If you were to introduce yourself right now, what are the first thoughts that come to mind? 

Next, I want you to apply God’s truth. Does this change or challenge what you currently believe about yourself? Does this change what others may have said about you or to you? (p.s. it should!)

I love you friend, I believe in you, and I’m rooting for you. You are unlike anyone else. 

You are unique, valued and irreplaceable. 

Praying you live in the full God-given identity you were created for. 

You were made to live loved.

-Carly Lynn

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