Made on Purpose, for Purpose

We are meant and made for more. This is the truth. From cover to cover this is what God has spoken to us in His word. You, reading this right now, were 100% made on purpose, for purpose. 

These words resonate with me on so many different levels. Why? Because regardless of how many times lies have tried to bully me, I know I’m made for more. I know it deep inside my bones. And I know you do too.

I want to encourage you today to remember. Remember how it feels to walk boldly with purpose; fully convinced you are seen, heard, loved and called by the King.

Remember what it looks like to pray big prayers and dream big dreams. 

Remember the faith that declares you’ve seen Him show up before and believes wholeheartedly you’ll see Him do it again. Remember who you are: royalty.

Seated in heavenly places, a co-heir, a child of the Most High. 

The world needs what only you uniquely have. God made you and gave you what He didn’t give me. This is why the enemy works overtime to cause us to individually doubt our purpose and to collectively cause division. 

How will you continue to become better at the gifts you’ve been given? 

How will you bring to life the vision you’ve been specifically born with and gifted? 

I can’t wait to watch and see.

-Carly Lynn

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