New Year, Same God

Part 1: “Fresh Starts & New Beginnings” 

The world is obsessed with making “resolutions” that are usually unrealistic and are rarely obtained or sustained, because deep down, we are all desperate for a fresh start. As Christians, we have what the world is desperate for. Jesus IS the fresh start that every single soul is searching for. Repentance is the key that unlocks a completely new beginning. A fresh slate. A new life. Forgiveness, mercy, hope, joy… it’s all in Him.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not just putting 2022 in God’s hands, I’m putting every year of my past and every year in the future there too. It’s all His. 

What prayers are you praying? What big, mountain-moving things are you believing?
This year, let’s choose to be intentional about how we represent the God we serve.
Let’s be living, breathing examples of a real, living God.

Part 2: “Assess & Reflect”

A New Year reflection prompt:
Reflecting on last year can help us be better this year.
Ask the Holy Spirit to show you how to use 2021 as a blueprint to grow and for the grace to do it.

Feel free to respond here, journal about this or talk to a friend about these.

What do you think you did well in 2021?
What do you want to do better and improve in 2022?
What (ex. disciplines, tools, commitments) & who (ex. leaders, friends, family)
helped you succeed in 2021, and what/who do you think will help you be the best you you can be in 2022?

Part 3: “Spiritual Vision”

The calendar may have changed, but how is your heart, vision and priorities? 
The Christian life isn’t a life of autopilot; it requires intentionality!

God is bigger than we even think, and His plans for us are better than we can ever dream. Have you genuinely asked God what He wants for you this year? If not, maybe you’re feeling stuck in autopilot. If that’s the case, I have a really good solution. Ask the Holy Spirit! 

If Jesus said it is best for us that He goes away, then it must be because there is something extremely valuable about what the Holy Spirit was coming to do (John 16:7). He teaches us, guides us, leads us, sanctifies us, comforts us and intercedes for us.

Let’s partner with God and His vision for our lives in 2022, amen?

Starting today, set a time every day this week to seek God’s heart for your life this year 
1. Grab your bible 📖
2. Ask the Holy Spirit to open your heart and mind and give you spiritual vision 🕊
3. Pray 🙏 Praise, Repent, Ask, Yield

*Praise Him for Who He is, for what He’s done & what He will do 
(He’s worthy!)
*Repent of any sin that could be keeping you from what He has for you 
(habits, attitudes, thoughts, relationships, etc.)
*Ask what He wants you to do with your life this year
(with your time, talents/gifts, relationships, finances, etc.)
*Yield to His will and what He says to you
(embrace it, walk in it and trust Him, it’s worth it every single time!)

- Carly Lynn // @car1ylynn

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