The Heart of the Father

Father’s Day looks different for everyone. 

Whether you’re a first time dad or have been a proud one for 50 years; whether this is a day you love to celebrate, or for whatever reason, this day is a really tough one you wish you could skip; as believers, we all have something in common today. Knowing God personally as your Heavenly Father changes things profoundly. It changes your past; it changes your future; it changes you

When my parents got divorced, my relationship with my dad struggled immensely and became pretty nonexistent. It was because of his absence in my life at that time that I went heart-first in pursuit of seeking my Father. I found Him, and with Him, grace and forgiveness like I’d never known. 

Ultimately, having a real relationship with God as my Father freed me from the prison I had built for myself. He taught me personally about forgiveness in a way that then mended the relationship I thought I’d never get back with my dad. 

God forgives me, He untangles me from the messes I often find myself in and loves me back to life, every single time. This is what strengthens and enables me to forgive others, too. 

A short & sweet reflection for you today: 

Is there anyone you need to forgive? 
Who can you honor and celebrate? 
How can you strengthen your relationships and steward them well in a way that reflects God’s heart? 

So, here’s to our dads and our Father. Here’s to the beauty and grace found in forgiveness. Here’s to the men in our lives we admire, appreciate and deeply respect. They don’t get enough credit, and I pray we learn to never take them for granted. Good, Godly men are treasure; they’re rare, and just like moms, they are a vital part of making a house a home. 

Happy Father’s Day 💙

Listen: Ryan Ellis - Heart of the Father 

- Carly Lynn // @car1ylynn

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  • Janel Austring

    Thanks for sharing, Carly Lynn. I didn’t meet my dad until I was 19, and that was the only time I’ve ever seen him. Father’s Day has always been tough, but now that I have found God through grace, I’m learning that I’ve always had the greatest Father looking over me; I just needed the gift of His grace to see it. I’m also finding the forgiveness to lessen the hurt I have towards both my parents and to not be resentful for the choices they made. Praise be to our good, good Father! In him will I always trust. 💙

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