When We Are Waiting on the Lord

Have you mastered living contently in the in-between moments of life? Or are you waiting for every piece of your life to come together first before you start living? Either way, if you have learned to live your life with appreciation and content with what you have been given, I applaud you. For those of you, who are waiting for the “next big thing” before you start living, ask yourself this question. What if that thing you are waiting for never comes, what are you then to do? 

“What God uses to shape us often lies in the in-between. It’s the uncertain times or roadblocks and obstacles which forces us to depend on God wholeheartedly, it forces us to become better people. Many of us find ourselves living somewhere in the in-between. Learning to live in this tension, to be content in these moments of waiting, may be our greatest struggle and our greatest opportunity to grow.” – Jeff Goin

Trial of Waiting

I asked myself the same question only to find out that, I too have been waiting for the “next big thing” and that I have not been living my life to the best of my ability. Waiting on the Lord must be one of the most difficult things I have had to do but it has also been the most rewarding. I believe God uses waiting to teach us, mold us and equip us with tools needed to whether the storms of life. The most difficult part about going through the trial of waiting is learning to be content in your current situation. It also teaches you that the most important thing is having an in-depth relationship with God.

In the Bible, we are told about Abraham, and it is safe to say that he lived a full and inspiring life. He is rightly called the “Father of faith”. Abraham obeyed the Lord without question, and he believed the covenant God made with him. He also believed in God’s provision for him in time and eternity, and the promise of the Son whom God would give him miraculously. 

When We Feel Discouraged

Our Christian faith today should stand on the same foundation. However, I believe many of us give up living long before we die. We become frustrated and defeated because our needs, wants, expectations and demands are not immediately met when we believe in Christ. We become impatient and want to quit. Are you discouraged because the achievement of your goal seems far away? Be careful not to take matters into your own hand during your time of waiting by helping God get his plan into action. Pushing God’s time table ahead only leads to disaster and pain. Also, do not conclude that what you are waiting for is never going to happen. This shows that you truly do not know who God is and you are of little faith.

Instead take courage from the heroes of Faith like Abraham who lived and died without seeing the fruit of his faith on earth and yet continued to believe. You might be in the middle of your “season of waiting” asking what God is doing. Maybe you find yourself regretting some of the decisions you made in the past, thinking your life is moving towards nothing. Keep in mind that every wilderness that God takes us through leads to a promise land. Take a minute and ask yourself these questions. How is your relationship with God? Are you in complete alignment with God?

To be honest, when I asked myself these questions, I found out that I have allowed my problems to be bigger than God. I dwelled on all the things that were not right in my life and the more I did, the more I felt apart from God. The truth is one of the greatest investments we can make in our lives is fostering a strong relationship with God. When we feel the pressures of the world pulling us away from hearing from God. We must take a step back to refocus and realign ourselves back with our creator.

4 ways to reconnect and strengthen our relationship with God

Dedicating or Time to Him 

he bible has answers to any questions we may have about our pain and struggles. He uses his word to teach us and comfort us. It reassures us that whatever we might be going through is all part of God’s plan for our lives.

Prayer is Key 

Prayer moves mountain. Having a praying life is so important that it was mentioned 250 times in the bible. Daily communication with God is key in rejuvenating our relationship with him. It gives us an opportunity to give God control of all aspects of our lives and to trust his promises for our life. Fasting and praying provides a platform to be transparent before God, it gives us the opportunity to confess our sins and seek help in overcoming any strongholds in our lives. Prayer is an act of worship that connects us with God’s heart. James 5:13 “Is anyone among you in trouble? Let them pray, Is anyone happy? Let them sing songs of praise”. Romans 12:12 “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

A Heart of Gratitude

 Having a thankful heart in whatever situation is our way of showing appreciation to God “give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever” Chronicles 16:34. Our goal is to make sure his goodness and loving kindness is recognized daily “I will praise you, O Lord, with all my heart; I will tell you of your wonders” – Psalm 9:1

Living with Purpose

When we realize that we were not put on earth to seek our own fulfillment or our own glory. We are not here to indulge in our own desires instead we are here to please and to glorify his holy name. The moment we acknowledge that we are brought here on earth to glorify God; we can begin to determine the meaning of life that God has designed for us specifically.


I was reminded that His love will comfort me. With this affirmation I was able to embrace my season of waiting and accepted all that life had to offer. I realized it gave my life meaning, a heart of gratitude, peace that surpasses all understanding and purpose. I learned that during my season of waiting were the times I have done the most growing in all areas of my life. My season of waiting challenged me, instilled discipline in me, helped me recognize my strengths and weakness, helped me practice patience, developed my character, taught me how to depend on God wholeheartedly and most of all strengthened my relationship with God.

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