Where Do You Go?

Where do you go when you’re empty, disappointed, worn out, over it?
The enemy knows what to offer you when you’re hungry. He knows what God has freed you from, and he knows what is appetizing when you feel like God has left you. If he tempted Jesus in the wilderness, rest assured that you’ll be tempted too. 🙃

Disappointment, heartbreak and pain have a way of fueling temptation. And the temptation to harden or turn off our hearts by numbing them with something else is veryyy real, am I right?

Have you been there? 
Maybe that’s even where you are currently? So what do we do about it?

Well, if we’re living off what God said to us three years ago, “Christian culture” and a God that feels far off and distant, we won’t last. Stale bread won’t sustain us here; we need daily bread. We need the Living God of the Bible, the real, living Jesus who speaks and is intimately aware of every detail of our lives. We need the Holy Spirit to illuminate our paths and to strengthen, deliver, heal, inspire, teach and lead us into our God-given purposes, callings and destinies.

*What do your current circumstances look like?
- Pray & give thanks 🙏
Whatever you’re going through, God is still GOOD, and there is always something to thank Him for. (Yes, I said always.) 

What lies could you possibly be believing about God, His character and the promises He has given you?
- Ask God to reveal these to you through the Word 📖
Find a verse that combats the lie & replace it!

What is the temptation on the table?
- Ask yourself, “Is the temporary comfort of ____ 💭
(Insert temptation/compromise here) worth giving up the purpose, promises and dreams God has given me?”

So, where do you go? 
Is it a person, place, thing, quick fix? Or is it Him?
You get to choose. Choose wisely. 🤍

- Carly Lynn // @car1ylynn

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