Who's Filling Your Cup?

We were created to be filled by God and God alone. 

That’s why you don’t feel full by all those other things. 

You know, that person, place, paycheck, position, or picture-perfect feed, etc. Whatever we try to make our portion apart from Him will make us feel punctured, draining us until we remember where our Source is again.

What does filling your cup up look like for you?

Where do you feel most connected and closest to God?

Do you make time to do that? Do you take time to process your emotions, take care of your body and nurture your relationship with the One who made it? 

This week, let’s be intentional about making time and space for God to fill us up. 

If we get filled up the right way first, we won’t have the voids that cause us to feel empty and run to the wrong things that won’t last later.

There’s a longing in the human heart that was designed to lead us back to Him, 

and until that’s enough for us, nothing else will be.

Read: John 4:13-14 & Psalm 63:1

-Carly Lynn

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