With ALL your heart

The key to getting closer to God? Your heart.

Your heart is the key to God. All throughout the Bible, you will find that it’s your heart God is after. Every sin initially starts in the heart; therefore, the prescription is first a character issue. 

It all starts in the heart.

Sin separates us from God. Being separated from God is dangerous. We need to deal with it seriously. Thought patterns, habits, offense, unforgiveness, pride, fill in the blank; we need to repair the breach that separates us from Him at all and any cost.


ASK: “Holy Spirit, what’s in my heart that’s keeping me from You?”

1. Ask Him to reveal to you the things you can’t see. Aka spiritual blind spots.
(Ask Him to search your heart - Psalm 139:23-24.)

2. Ask Him how He sees it. 
(God’s perspective is higher. Ask Him to show you this - Isaiah 55:8-9.)

3. Ask Him for forgiveness. 
(Repentance = changing your heart, actions & the way you think.)

4. Ask Him to remove it & replace it with what should be there.
(Exchanging bad fruit with good fruit - 2 Peter 1:5-7 & Galatians 5:22-23.)

Ask Him to FILL you. With His love, His Spirit, His strength, and to keep you there, in Jesus’ name.

Friend, please hear me; nothing, absolutely nothing, is worth you losing your relationship with Jesus for. Don’t let your heart grow cold, bitter or offended. Ask Him to search your heart and heal it; it will be 100% worth it every time.

- Carly Lynn // @car1ylynn

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