Brand Ambassador Guidelines

Can I comment my code on Elevated Faith's social media posts, or on coupon code websites?

It's against our terms to comment your code on any of OUR photos on social media, or online via coupon code websites. Your code is for your content only, and to share on your blog/website/social media and with your friends. Any other promotion is a violation of terms and your account will be terminated.

Can I post my link on Pinterest?

We prohibit sharing your unique link via the Pinterest platform. Since Pinterest acts as a search engine, we have found that it does not require an organic following on the platform to earn sales. We will allow you to continue to share your code only on the platform if you’d like, but we no longer allow the sharing of unique links to earn commission on Pinterest moving forward. As always, please let us know if you have any questions regarding this. All other social media platforms are fair game.

When will I be paid?

You will be paid on the first Friday of every month, once you have earned over $25.
How much do I earn when I make a sale?
You make 10% of all sales you refer from your link or your code. You'll earn the same amount with either!

How do the rewards work?

We will send you a confirmation email once you have earned each tier, we will ask for your shipping address, bracelet size and unisex shirt size if we don't already have that information. You will be sent the tier reward within a week!


  • 1


  • 3


  • 5


  • 10


  • 20


What is my coupon code for?

Your coupon code is to be used to track your sales. All Brand Ambassadors receive a 15% off code you can share with others, and you will receive your portion (10%) of the sale. You can also use your link on your info page to refer others and earn the same!

Can I use my own code?

You can and you will receive a discount, but you will not receive credit for those orders.

Can I refer others to become Brand Ambassadors?

Yes you can! And you will earn 10% of ALL their earnings.